“A Man of Many Hats”

We wear two hats here in Paris. We are students of photography in a city that has an indelible influence on the medium, but we are also tourists here to experience the grandeur of Notre Dame and to marvel at La Tour Eiffel. My project is a reaction to just how bright this city is but it would be foolish of me to overlook this opportunity to photograph the monuments for which Paris is known. This seems like a great place to share those photos.

-S. Wilson


First Days in Paris

Post by Victoria Fallen

Our first few days in Paris have been a blast. Our first photo critique was this morning. Everyone’s ideas are coming along nicely. We’ve all been exploring the city, and we’re all comfortable with the metro system by now. The people here have been surprisingly receptive to our requests for their portraits, with the exception of a few especially private French people and a certain convent of nuns. The weather has been really pleasant, and it hasn’t rained at all yet. I am including some photos from our excursions around Paris so far.


There’s a Place in France

Post by Henry Benedict

Despite the lack of a post until the end of our first week everything has been busy in Paris.  It is incredible to return to France with the amount of freedom to explore this city we have been afforded.  We wake up to breakfast and free espresso; life in Paris has been delicious.  Getting lost (on purpose or at least with one) has allowed me to explore aspects of Paris I never recognized before and to gain a greater appreciation for the ones I have already seen.  I am focusing on abstract forms, but unlike most of my previous work I am trying to up the scale significantly.



Post by: Tania Inniss

I’ve noticed that my favorite parts of the trip so far occurred while sitting next to the Seine River. It’s the main spot where you can literally see everything; the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, etc… The perfect thing to do is go and see it during sunset. The sun hits the water perfectly and the reflections you see of the city are breath-taking. There’s so many interesting things going on you can never get bored The people that you find there are the most fascinating you will meet anywhere and the further you walk into Chatelet the better it gets. From the couple times I’ve sat by the Seine and walked through Chatelet, I’ve meet so many people I will never forget.  

Let’s hope I never get tired of macaroons and baguettes.

Post by: Callie Clemons

Getting Lost in Montmarte

Yesterday, due to jet lag, started at 6 AM. Luckily for me, Rand had the same problem. We got moving pretty early and headed to Montmarte. We began to wander around, only to stumble across Moulin Rouge and right where we came from originally. After this, we decided to visit the Dali museum. After reading the map completely wrong and back tracking for about an hour, we realized what we had done. We started heading in the right direction (sort of) and ended up trapped in the cemetery. After finally making it to the Dali museum, and hiking up what felt like a mountain, we saw many of Salvador Dali's series of drawings. He also had designed some very interesting furniture. Overall, the museum was kind of a bust. It didn't have much that was recognizably his and there was less of his history than I had originally anticipated. Later on, after eating some delicious gelato, I took the first picture for my final project!

C’est comme ca

Post by: Jill Refvem

Looking back through my photos, I see how incredibly fast paced and full each of our days in Paris are.  We cannot go a day without constant visual stimulation.  I have decided to do my project on the greenhouses of paris.  More photos are to come, but right now I cannot help but post pictures of the group and the adventures we have taken.

After finding the best Falafel in Paris, Tania, Vanessa, Yasmine, and I wandered into the gay district, shopped some, and then found the Siene on accident.

There is nothing like a city to make you feel alive.



i got up early (for me!) on tuesday to wander montmartre and begin
shooting street-level portraits of parisian dogs–they’re everywhere
and have so much personality! approaching their owners to ask for
photographs was surprisingly easy. most people loved that their dog
was getting attention, and lots tried posing him and were concerned
when he wouldn’t sit still or look at the camera. here’s some friends
i made…

–marisa pensky


I live less than a mile from town back home, and I use my GPS to go buy groceries. It is not hard for me to get lost, but for the first time in my life this lack of personal navigation has been a blessing. When I stepped out of our hotel Sunday morning for my first session of shooting I wanted to discover parts of Paris I would likely never see; to do this I had to get lost. I was searching for life and places whose existence has and will continue to persist despite my discovering them. I turned right and started walking.

While my tour of Paris provided me with a very tired and unhappy pair of legs I continue to find myself surrounded by the daily buzz of an incredible culture. 

Let's hope I keep finding my way back to the hotel!

-R Potter